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Moti Ramgopal MD FACP FIDSA CPI - Darla Bagwell Arnp - Lauren Leeflang PA-C

Primary Care Services

Midway Specialty Care Center is now offering access to general and urgent healthcare. Funded through a special US Government Grant, we can help you get in to see a local family doctor for all your general or urgent healthcare needs.

Why should I make an appointment?

Having a MSCC primary care physician do annual checkups will keep you healthier. Primary Care, or Family Doctors, diagnose illnesses like the flu, diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as perform routine health screenings and counseling on lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent diseases from developing in the first place. Our doctors are experienced in treating patients with a life-long chronic illness or infection. Additionally, it is important for family physicians to recognize complications of therapy and potential medication interactions for those living with a chronic disease. That is why we have a specially-trained medical providers to see our patients. Primary Care expertise is critical for in preventive care and management of chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and renal disease, which have become increasingly important for aging individuals with chronic diseases like HIV infection.

Right now in 2 convenient locations

Midway Primary Care
3255 South US 1
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
358 East Midway Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Primary Care physicians treating patients with a chronic illness recognize people with HIV are now living normal life spans, and as their physicians, we need to focus on preventive care, including screening for high cholesterol, diabetes and osteoporosis.

New treatment guidelines include screening for diabetes, osteoporosis and colon cancer, and suggest patients with HIV infection should be vaccinated against pneumococcal infection, influenza, varicella and hepatitis A and B. According to The HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), primary care doctors should do an annual screening of trichomoniasis in women and yearly screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia for all patients who may be at risk.

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