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Patient Management Program

The Midway Specialty Pharmacy in Fort Pierce, FL has a complete Patient Management Program that assists our patients to achieve best outcomes from their specialty medication therapies. We help the patient and provider manage cost. We offer a patient-centered approach based on evidence-based practices for each of the disease processes under the supervision of a pharmacist and trained competent staff to provide the highest quality of care possible. The plan of care is developed on evidence-based standards of care and best practice. Evidence based health information and content for common conditions, diagnoses and treatment diagnostics and interventions are available to patients, prescribers, or providers upon written or oral request.

All patients are automatically enrolled in the Patient Management Program. By participating in this program, you will receive an initial assessment by a pharmacist who will teach you how to effectively take your medication (frequency, route, and dose), inform you of any potential side effects, check for any drug-drug or drug-disease interactions, drug allergies, and to help alleviate any concerns. For clinical questions related to your medications, diagnosis or plan of care, pharmacists are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an availability of 365 days a year by calling 888-211-7911 or in person during our regular business hours.

Patient Management Program benefits include:

  1. Improved knowledge of medication uses and administration.
  2. Improved medication compliance by creating an individualized plan of care tailored to you.
  3. Advice on managing potential side effects.
  4. Greater self-management of medications and medical condition.

Limitations of participating in the Patient Management Program include not responding to our outreach calls, providing health updates, and taking your medication on time as instructed.

If you wish to opt-out, feel free to let us know anytime. You can opt-out and still receive refill reminder calls.