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Gain access to a team of specialty-trained pharmacists, nurses and staff who are experienced in your condition.

We'll work with your insurance company on getting your medications approved and will research various financial assistance programs available to you that may possibly help you lower your out of pocket costs.

Patient Management Program

Our Fort Pierce patients will receive an initial assessment by a pharmacist who will teach you how to effectively take your medication (frequency, route, and dose), inform you of any potential side effects, check for any drug-drug or drug-disease interactions, drug allergies, and to help alleviate any concerns.

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Refill Reminders

The Pharmacy will contact you regularly to schedule your next refill and see how your therapy is progressing.

Free Shipping & On-time Delivery

We'll schedule and quickly ship all your medications - even those that need special handling, such as refrigeration.

Patient Support

Need answers? We're here to help! Our support team is always available to address your questions and concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You have questions or concerns about your medication.
  • You suspect a reaction or allergy to your medication.
  • A change has occurred in your medication use.
  • Your contact information or delivery address has changed.
  • Your insurance information or payment source has changed.
  • To check the status of your order, discuss an order delay or reschedule your delivery.
  • To receive claims related information.
  • Before your care begins, a pharmacy staff member will inform you of your out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.
  • We will submit claims to your health insurance carrier and, if your claim is denied, a staff member will notify you so that we can work together to resolve the issue.
  • We will notify you if we are an out of network pharmacy and will provide you with the cash price of the medication upon request.
  • Our team has access to financial assistance programs to address financial barriers to starting your medication. These programs include discount coupons from drug manufacturers and assistance from various disease management foundations. We will assist you with enrollment into such programs, when available.
  • Your physician can send us your prescription, or you can provide it to us in person or through the mail.
  • You will be contacted by a team member 5-7 days prior to your refill date. If you would like to contact us for a refill, you can call us and speak to a pharmacy team member to process your refill request.
  • You have the option of picking up your medications or having them delivered for free to a safe location of your choice. Protecting your health information is one of our top priorities so your medications will only be released to someone you have authorized. You or someone you authorized can conveniently walk-in Monday - Friday. Please refer to our hours of operation.
  • Please open your order and review the contents immediately after you receive them to ensure your order is correct and complete. We encourage you to store your medication in the proper way as soon as possible. Please contact us at 888-211-7911 within one business day to report missing or damaged contents.
  • Prescription refills are easy with Midway Specialty Care Rx. A pharmacy staff member will contact you seven days prior to your refill due date to set up refills, determine your compliance to the prescribed therapy, side effects, changes in your medical condition and/or regimen, collect any co-payments, and set up a pickup or delivery date and confirm a delivery address should you need delivery.
  • If we are unable to reach you for coordination of refill, please call and ask for a pharmacy staff member. The Pharmacy will not ship refills without confirming with you first.
  • If our pharmacy can no longer service your medication, a pharmacist will transfer your prescription to another pharmacy. We will inform you of this transfer of care.
  • Please call us if you would like to receive your medications from another pharmacy. We will assist you in transferring your prescription to the appropriate pharmacy of your choice.
  • Our pharmacy strives to find the most cost-efficient option for you. From time to time it may be necessary to substitute brand name drugs with a generic drug option. This couldoccur due to insurance carrier preference or to reduce your copay. If a substitution needs to be made, a member of the specialty pharmacy staff will contact you prior to shipping the medication to inform you of the substitution. When available, our pharmacy will default to generic to save you money. We will use brand name medication at you or your prescriber's request.
In order to reduce harm from accidental exposure, it is important to properly dispose of any unused medication. Do not flush medicines down the sink or toilet.

For instructions on how to properly dispose of unused medications, check with your local waste collection service. You can also check the following websites for additional information:

  1. FDA: Where and How to Dispose of Unused Medicines
  2. Rx Drop Box
If you cannot get to a take-back program or collection receptacle, remove the prescription drug from their original containers and mix any unused medication with coffee grounds, dirt, or cat litter in a container or sealable bag to make the medication unrecognizable before throwing it away with the household trash.
  • If your medication is recalled, the Pharmacy will contact you with further instructions as directed by the FDA or drug manufacturer. Should an alternative medication be needed, we will work together with your provider to find an acceptable alternative.
  • An adverse reaction is defined as "Any unfavorable or unintended sign, symptom, or disease temporarily associated with the use of a drug."
  • If you suspect an adverse reaction, please contact one of our pharmacists and your physician. However, in the case of a medical emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency service for immediate assistance.
  • In the event of an emergency or disaster in your area, please contact our pharmacy to instruct us on how to deliver your medication.
  • If the pharmacy may be impacted by an emergency or disaster, you will be contacted to discuss possible transfer of your medications to ensure your therapy is not interrupted.

The Pharmacy has a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan to help ensure continued treatment during an emergency or disaster such as severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire and flooding. Our primary goal is to continue to service your prescription needs. When there is a threat of disaster, we will ensure you have enough medication to sustain you.

  1. The pharmacy will call you 3-5 days before an anticipated local weather emergency utilizing the weather updates as point of reference.
    • If you are not in the pharmacy local area but reside in a location that will experience a weather disaster you are responsible for calling the pharmacy 3-5 days before the occurrence to discuss your medication needs.
  2. The pharmacy will send your medication via courier or FedEx next day delivery during any suspected weather emergencies.
  3. If the pharmacy cannot get your medication to you before a weather emergency occurrence the pharmacy will transfer your medication to another pharmacy, so you do not go without medication.
  4. If a local disaster occurs and the pharmacy cannot reach you or you cannot reach the pharmacy, please listen to your local news and rescue centers for advice on obtaining medication or visit your local hospital immediately.
  5. If you leave your home to evacuate, take your medication with you.
    • Ensure you have a cooler and cold packs available if your medication requires refrigeration.

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you are unable to reach the pharmacy and may run out of your medication.

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