Comprehensive Infectious Disease Care

We specialize in expert care and management for a wide range of infectious diseases. From hospitals across Florida to out-patient services at our network of clinics, we provide the highest standard of care.

The Midway Care Model

We've adopted the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model which promotes a partnership between patients and their healthcare team, providing accessible, coordinated, comprehensive, and continuous quality health care, ensuring that all of your preventive, acute, and chronic care needs are met.

STI Testing ›

Our confidential and discreet testing options ensure early detection and timely treatment for a variety of sexually transmitted infections.

Free Rapid HIV Testing ›

With quick and confidential results, our testing provides you with the knowledge you need to take control of your sexual health.

HIV Prevention with PrEP ›

Reduce your risk of HIV transmission with PrEP. We offer comprehensive consultations and personalized plans to help you stay safe and healthy.


Living with HIV requires specialized care. From cutting-edge therapy to routine monitoring and support, we're here to help you the entire way.

Nutritional Wellness ›

Our registered dietitians offer expert guidance to support your health goals, from immune-boosting strategies to managing infectious diseases.

Immunizations ›

Our experienced team provides a range of vaccinations for individuals of all ages, from routine shots to travel vaccines to help you stay healthy.

Telemedicine ›

From virtual visits to prescription management, we make it easy to connect with our healthcare professionals from anywhere.

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