Free Rapid HIV Testing

Take control of your sexual health with our free rapid HIV testing services at Midway Specialty Care Center. Our rapid HIV tests provide quick and confidential results, allowing you to know your status in just minutes.

Convenient Testing

Our clinic offers rapid HIV testing for your convenience, with no appointment necessary. Simply walk in during our testing hours and receive your results on the spot.

Confidentiality Assured

Rest assured that your HIV testing is conducted in a confidential and non-judgmental environment, respecting your privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Expert Guidance

Our knowledgeable staff is available to provide information and support before, during, and after your HIV test. We'll answer any questions you may have and offer guidance on next steps based on your results.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Knowing your HIV status is the first step towards taking control of your health. Our free rapid HIV testing services empower you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your sexual health.

Community Outreach

We're committed to promoting HIV awareness and prevention in our community. Our free rapid HIV testing services are part of our ongoing efforts to increase access to testing and reduce the spread of HIV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid HIV testing is a quick and simple way to determine your HIV status using a small sample of blood or oral fluid. Results are available in as little as 20 minutes, making it an efficient method for HIV screening.

Rapid HIV tests are highly accurate, with sensitivity and specificity rates comparable to traditional laboratory-based tests. However, it's essential to follow up with confirmatory testing if you receive a reactive result on a rapid test to confirm your HIV status.

Rapid HIV testing is recommended for anyone who wants to know their HIV status quickly and confidentially. It's particularly beneficial for individuals who may have been exposed to HIV recently or who have never been tested before.

Yes, rapid HIV testing is confidential. Testing is conducted in a private setting, and your results are kept confidential. Our healthcare professionals prioritize your privacy and ensure that your personal information remains secure.

While appointments are recommended to minimize wait times, many clinics offer walk-in services for rapid HIV testing. Check with your local healthcare provider or clinic for their testing hours and appointment availability.

If your rapid HIV test result is positive (reactive), it means that HIV antibodies were detected in your sample. However, a reactive result does not confirm an HIV diagnosis. You will need to undergo confirmatory testing, which may involve additional blood tests performed in a laboratory setting.

If you receive a positive HIV test result, our healthcare professionals are here to provide support, guidance, and access to comprehensive care and treatment options. We offer counseling services and can connect you with resources and support networks in your community.

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